New family planning financing resources

Explore the latest research and publications on family planning financing.

In May 2019, FP2020 published country-specific analyses of High Impact Practices (HIPs) , which includes identification of key financing approaches in strategic documents, such as Costed Implementation Plans for Family Planning.

The Population Council published a brief in March 2019 on bridging the discourse related to universal health coverage, health financing, and family planning. The brief includes a framework for family planning strategic purchasing.

As for new peer-reviewed literature, an article by Radovich et. al published in BMJ Open analyzed out-of-pocket payments for contraception in Kenya and an article by Mozumdar et. al published in The International Journal of Health Planning and Management assessed India’s family planning market using a total market approach. In April 2019, Remme et. al also published an article on the potential financing and efficiency implications of self care interventions in sexual and reproductive health.