Population Group Size Estimates, Poverty Profile, and Capacity to Pay: A Secondary Analysis of the 2016 Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey to Inform Scenario Development for Health Insurance Coverage Expansion

Kolesar, R. and R. Ross


To support decision making for the expansion of social health protection in Cambodia, HP+ completed a secondary analysis of 2016 Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey data. This work was undertaken to (1) define population groups and estimate sizes; (2) examine the poverty profile, with a focus on the second quintile—the near-poor population; and (3) estimate household capacity to pay a health insurance premium as well as household financial healthcare expenditure. The results are being used to inform cost and coverage modeling for coverage expansion.

Publication Date: 
February 2019
Document Type: 
Other technical brief or report
Health insurance
Universal health coverage
Cost or financing data, trends, or projections
East & Southeast Asia & Pacific