Kenya National and County Health Budget Analysis FY 2019/20

Republic of Kenya, Ministry of Health


This Kenya National and County Health Budget Analysis report examines resource allocation patterns at national and county levels and compares these allocations with government health policy priorities in fiscal year 2019/20. It analyzes allocation patterns of the preceding two years. Key analyses include total government budget allocations to health, Ministry of Health and county government allocations to recurrent and development budgets, and allocations by health economic categories and programs. The findings of the report aim to assist key stakeholders and decisionmakers to understand health budget allocation trends by key health inputs and service delivery areas as well as inform planning and budgeting processes.

Publication Date: 
October 2020
Document Type: 
Health financing profile or assessment
Commitments or budgets
Cost or financing data, trends, or projections
Domestic resource mobilization
Health insurance
Universal health coverage
Macroeconomic conditions
Public financial management
Sub-Saharan Africa or All Africa