Kenya Health System Assessment

Mulaki, A. and S. Muchiri, S


The 2017 Kenya Health System Assessment provides a snapshot of the current state of Kenya's health system in terms of the six "building blocks" identified in the World Health Organization's six health systems framework: service delivery, human resources for health, health information systems, medical products and technologies, financing, and leadership and governance. Presenting an overview of the current strengths and weaknesses of Kenya's health system, this assessment serves as a useful compilation of evidence and offers recommendations that can be used to inform policy and planning efforts. The 2017 assessment review achievements accomplished over the last six years and addresses new developments such as Kenya's transition to a devolved systme of govenrnance and the country's progress toward achieving universal health coverage.

Publication Date: 
July 2019
Document Type: 
Health sector profile or assessment
Strategic purchasing
Commitments or budgets
Cost or financing data, trends, or projections
Domestic resource mobilization
Private sector
Health insurance
Health sector performance or reform
Other/none of the above
Sub-Saharan Africa or All Africa