Health Financing Landscapes for Abia, Ebonyi, and Osun States in Nigeria

Nelson, I., J. Ekpenyong, A. Carlson, J. Sine, and F. Ilika


In 2019, working with state ministries of health, HP+ conducted health financing landscape analyses in three states in Nigeria: Abia, Ebonyi, and Osun. Each analysis had two components: a public health expenditure review and an out-of-pocket expenditure survey. The public expenditure review examined trends in government revenues, budgets, and expenditures on health at both state and local government area levels during 2013–2017 while the out-of-pocket expenditure survey elicited information on respondent characteristics, household assets, and out-of-pocket spending on health from households.

Publication Date: 
April 2020
Document Type: 
Health financing profile or assessment
Commitments or budgets
Health insurance
Cost or financing data, trends, or projections
Private sector
Public financial management
Sub-Saharan Africa or All Africa