Cost-Effectiveness of Malawi's Service Level Agreement with the Christian Health Association of Malawi

Zeng, W., H. Mphwanthe, T. Huan, J. Nam, P. Saint-Firmin, and A. Dutta


This report examines the cost-effectiveness of user fee exemptions by contracting out essential health package services in Malawi. Using service-level agreements to contract out essential services to Christian Health Association of Malawi facilities, researchers observed a increase in coverage of key maternal and child health services, resulting in an estimated 434 lives saved over the study's two year period. While many low- and middle-income countries have moved to abolish user fees to encourage the use of essential maternal and child health services, this study comes at an opportune moment, providing empirical evidence to help inform health and health financing policy in Malawi.

Publication Date: 
June 2019
Document Type: 
Other technical brief or report
Cost or financing data, trends, or projections
Sub-Saharan Africa or All Africa