Are Resources Fulfilling Priorities for Family Planning? An Analysis of Allocations for Tanzania’s Costed Implementation Plan

Kathryna Corpuz, Christine Lasway, Sammy Musunga, Robert Dulle

Blurb (Brief Description):

This brief describes how well financial resources have been invested in Tanzania to fulfill family planning priorities outlined in the country’s second national family planning costed implementation plan (CIP) for 2019–2023. HP+ conducted three gap analyses for each of the first three years of the plan using the Family Planning CIP Costing Tool. These annual gap analyses specifically assessed (a) the extent to which CIP results and activities are adequately funded, underfunded, or over-funded, (b) the extent to which CIP activities for a given year are included in funded stakeholder workplans, and (c) geographic coverage of funded activities. Findings of the gap analysis, as well as recommendations, were shared and discussed during semiannual family planning implementer meetings.
Publication Date: 
February 2022