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Published in: May 2009
This study evaluates the effect of performance-based financing on health center performance from 2005 to 2007.
Published in: January 2009
Zambia Health Sector Public Expenditure Review
This health sector pubic expenditure review (PER) assesses how resources in the health sector are used and includes recommendations for improved use...
Published in: January 2009
This report includes a comprehensive review of the country context and the health financing situation in Rwanda.
Published in: June 2008
The national health accounts (NHAs) track flows of funds in the health sector, measuring total public and private health expenditures.
This report provides an overview of health financing functions in support of UHC.
An article describing how vouchers can lead to improved reach of family planning services.
This framework assesses current progress toward UHC in Africa and proposes a set of actions for countries and stakeholders involved in the UHC...
This report looks at how many people globally lack access to essential health services and how many are pushed into poverty by spending too much of...
This compendium brings together tools and resources that can be used to better understand the application of TMA.
This is one of several guides for PBF developed with the support of USAID.
This systematic review examines the impact of different forms of health insurance schemes, including SHI, CBHI, and others, on healthcare utilization...
A presentation by HP+ on best practices for developing an investment case for the GFF