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Published in: September 2010
Highlights results of the National Health Accounts (NHA), including sub-accounts for reproductive health, child health, and HIV.
Published in: July 2010
This review provides analysis of Uganda's health financing system, covering sources of financing at various levels of the health system.
Published in: June 2010
The National Health Plan 2011-2020 is the country's strategy for the health sector and provides a framework for transforming the current health...
Published in: May 2010
An analysis of health financing in Nepal, particularly on government health expenditure, that includes recommendations on how to increase spending on...
Published in: January 2010
This report tracks national resources for reproductive health and family planning in Kenya using data from the 2005/06 and 2009/10 national health...
Published in: January 2010
Provides direction for the Tajikistan health sector, including priority health investments needed to achieve desired health outcomes.
Published in: January 2010
This is the latest round of Egypt's National Health Accounts (NHA) reports for the fiscal year 2007/2008. 
Published in: January 2010
This paper describes the major challenges of Nicaragua's health financing system.
Published in: January 2010
This report reviews Uganda's health sector performance and assesses options for increasing total and improving efficiency of health spending.
Published in: January 2010
This World Bank document reviews fiscal developments - policies, revenues, spending, and fiscal balances -  in Afghanistan.
Published in: December 2009
This policy document provides the analytical basis and a coherent framework for improving health financing, including analysis of the sources of...
Published in: June 2009
The National Health Accounts (NHAs) provides estimates the country's total health spending based on the Public Health Expenditure Review for 1999...