January 2019
Identifies the high impact practices within key country strategies, including analysis of health financing objectives.
Uganda Health System
August 2016
This report is a pre-assessment of Uganda’s national health system.
Uganda Project Appraisal Document
July 2016
Program paper on proposed additional financing from the Global Financing Facility to Uganda for a reproductive, maternal, and child health services improvement project.
Uganda Macro-fiscal Profile
May 2016
Overview of Uganda's macroeconomic indicators, government revenue, and expenditures.
Invesment Case for Reproductive
April 2016
The investment case focuses on five strategies: evidence-based high-impact solutions, increasing access for high-burden populations, geographical focusing/sequencing, addressing the broader multisectoral context, and ensuring mutual accountability for RMNCAH outcomes.
Uganda Health Financing Profile
February 2016
Overview of Uganda's total health expenditure, financing sources, health insurance pooling and purchasing, and equity.
Health Financing Strategy
February 2016
An strategy to facilitate attainment of universal health coverage in Uganda through making available the required resources for delivery of the essential package of services efficiently and equitably.
2015 Gap Analysis for Uganda
August 2015
This brief identifies which activities in the Costed Implementation Plan for Family Planning have sufficient resources for implementation and those that need additional resource mobilization efforts.
 Universal Health Coverage
December 2014
This document provides a preliminary assessment of aspects of the Ugandan health system relative to the goal of universal health coverage, with a particular focus on the financing system.
Uganda Family Planning Costed Implementation
November 2014
The Costed Implementation Plan for Family Planning (CIP) is a guide for all family planning programing in Uganda, detailing program activities and costs necessary to achieve the government's commitment to family planning.
Uganda Health System
April 2012
Assesses Uganda's key health system functions, including health financing.
Uganda Health Accounts
January 2012
The national health accounts (NHAs) track flows of funds in Uganda's health sector, measuring total public and private health expenditures.
Uganda Health Financing Review
July 2010
This review provides analysis of Uganda's health financing system, covering sources of financing at various levels of the health system.
Fiscal space for health in Uganda
January 2010
This report reviews Uganda's health sector performance and assesses options for increasing total and improving efficiency of health spending.