January 2019
Identifies the high impact practices within key country strategies, including analysis of health financing objectives.
Gaining Traction
July 2017
This case study gives an account of the process of translating Costed Implementation Plans for family planning into sustained action and measurable results using Senegal as an example.
FP2020 Commitment
July 2017
Government of Senegal's commitment to FP2020.
Health Financing Profile
February 2016
Brief overview of Senegal's health financing situation.
Analysis of Senegal's health financing system
July 2014
This thesis analyzes national health accounts and population-level data to assess the extent to which coverage extension strategies have had an impact on population health coverage and household out-of-pocket spending over time.
Plan d'action
January 2012
This plan aims to identify priority activities that need to be implemented and aditional resources necessary to improve FP service accessibility and availablility for all.
National Health Accounts (2006-2008)
The national health accounts tracks flows of funds in the health sector, measuring total public and private health expenditures.
OECD Country Profile
Background information, including macroeconomic data, on Senegal.