January 2019
Identifies the high impact practices within key country strategies, including analysis of health financing objectives.
FP2020 Commitment
July 2017
Rwandan government's commitment to FP2020.
Health Insurance Profile: Rwanda
February 2016
Brief on Rwanda's health insurance system.
Health financing sustainability policy
March 2015
This Policy is aimed toward strengthening the current health sector financing systems and guide the development of strategic innovations to improve and sustain health financing.
Financing and monitoring for results in the Health Sector in Rwanda
June 2012
This case study details the range of reforms in Rwanda, which has moved systematically towards an output orientation in public management and public finance and has gone further than most countries in result-based financing of health facilities.
Rwanda Health Financing Policy
December 2009
This policy document provides the analytical basis and a coherent framework for improving health financing, including analysis of the sources of financing and health financing mechanisms.
Performance-based financing for better quality of services
May 2009
This study evaluates the effect of performance-based financing on health center performance from 2005 to 2007.
Health financing systems review
January 2009
This report includes a comprehensive review of the country context and the health financing situation in Rwanda.
National Health Accounts (2006)
June 2008
The national health accounts (NHAs) track flows of funds in the health sector, measuring total public and private health expenditures.