Health insurance

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This message board is for discussions on health insurance and family planning. Please feel free to ask questions or share resources on the design of health insurance schemes and how introduction or expansion of health insurance schemes have affected family planning uptake and use.

Published Date: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2019


How can family planning programs leverage the push to expand insurance coverage to increase contraceptive access and ensure sustainable long-term financing? This is a question many countries are facing as they plan for future program goals and financing. Insurance should be a key component of sustainable financing strategies for family planning, but scheme design matters. There is a growing body of literature examining how the design of benefit packages, subsidized premiums for the poor, payment mechanisms, and private sector contracting can help to achieve FP program goals. Check out the Health Insurance topics page for more information and links to many of these resources. These topics will also all be part of the conversation at the upcoming FP2020 Anglophone Africa meeting in Addis Ababa.