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This message board is for discussions on the private sector and family planning. Please feel free to ask questions or share resources on a total market approach and private sources of financing for family planning.

Published Date: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2019


HP+ developed a new approach (a combination of modeling and political economy analysis) to engaging stakeholders for a Total Market Approach (TMA), with first application in Uganda. The project developed a TMA projection tool to estimate the financial and equity benefits of implementing TMA for FP programs, while the political economy analysis helped better understand the power dynamics, strength of relationships, and incentives across market players that determine their respective motivations (or lack thereof) in implementing TMA initiatives. In Uganda, the government’s strong policy and strategy commitment to FP had not translated into dedicated financial or human resources for TMA, and this methodology allowed HP+ to make some recommendations for advancing the TMA agenda through government stewardship and market interventions. Where have you seen concrete examples of TMA being applied in your countries? If your country is still in the process of moving from policy to action, where are you hitting roadblocks? HP+ is in the process of completing a brief on market interventions, which is meant to serve as a tool for government, donors, and TMA practitioners who may be bought into the idea of TMA but do not have clarity on the next steps to take. Stay tuned for this resource that will help stakeholders take action to address market gaps, inefficiencies, or distortions.
Here's a link for more info on the TMA application in Uganda: