Family planning financing

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Published Date: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2019


HP+ conducted an analysis to determine the extent to which family planning goals and priority interventions were aligned across Costed Implementation Plans (CIPs) and Global Financing Facility (GFF) - supported RMNCAH-N investment cases. The results indicate that there has been relatively strong alignment of family planning goals and priorities and that FP stakeholders and GFF stakeholders are often in close communication during the development process. We did find that family planning policy, M&E and financing is more rarely included in investment cases and that while commodities are included in the budget, they are not always mentioned in the text of the investment case document. We will be publishing the report soon which also provides recommendations, particularly for new GFF countries, for aligning FP goals and priorities during the development of these strategic documents. We are also planning a webinar for May 30th, stay tuned!
HP+ is developing a framework for countries to use to identify laws, policies and regulations that enable or inhibit the integration of family planning into UHC. We've been looking at national level laws, policies and regulations that affect how family planning services are purchased, how family planning services are provided and how people access family planning. What are some of the major legal or regulatory barriers that you've found are most inhibiting to financing family planning and including it in UHC-oriented schemes?